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name 마란하오
subject 160326 Beijing RELOADED

얼마만에 무대인지... 정말 역시 너...라는 말 밖에 안나온다...
무대의 기다림은 길었지만, 기다리면서 너의 또 다른 매력들을 볼수있어서 좋았어
루한이라서 다행이구 루한이라서 나도 여기 이자리에있는것같애
많이 힘들었겠지만 보여줘서 고마워

tuituitui 16-03-31  
Geenew 16-04-01  
Thank you very much.
We love LUHAN!!!
Beam 16-04-03  
Thank you for sp him.
hij_hij 16-04-13  
eun suh 16-04-22  
Really nice shots,thank you so much for sharing...^^
hanif 16-05-23  
Thank you as always for sharing these lovely photos.
Whenever I look back at his Reloaded tour, I'm so thankful to Luhan for having a concert tour so early in his career when it is definitely not easy with his packed schedule. He's gotten so thin lately and I desperately want him to regain his chubby face. It warms my heart when I see fansite masters like you having stayed for so long beside him and continue doing so. I guess it's natural since I've been his fan since 2012 too and I'm not even thinking of quitting :)
구리탱굴 16-10-08  
xeqirls 16-12-15  

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